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Monday, December 16, 2013

Batavia, IL (December 12, 2013) - 'It's better to be lucky than good' says the old golf adage. Why not have both? Exotics fairway woods have incessantly outperformed competitors, and this next generation- lucky number seven- continues that tradition. Now offered in two distance-leading models to accommodate players of all levels: XCG7 and XCG7 Beta.

The Exotics XCG7 model is designed with greater forgiveness in mind featuring a lower profile and larger club head. The XCG7 Beta model is highlighted by a deeper face and a smaller clubhead promoting a more boring trajectory.

The new XCG7 fairway now reaches a very high CT level using a brand new, streamlined brazing technique and a new more dense custom 465 forged maraging cup face. This new inner cup face construction method also enhances the spring-effect and distance. A callout to its name, the XCG7 Beta features a forged beta titanium cup face for supreme COR. In both series the face is combo-brazed to the hyper-steel body to produce Exotics legendary performance.

Maximizing distance, the Power Grid positioned directly behind the sweet spot creates an accordion effect and increased spring-effect by flexing at impact. The Power Grid alternates in thickness from 0.5mm to 1.0mm, allowing the thinner dimple-slots to flex, producing a hotter launch.

Hexahedron sole weight pads are positioned back in the heel and toe to increase MOI and maximize stability on off-center contact. In the XCG7 Beta, the weight pad design positions more weight forward in the head, raising the center of gravity and producing a more penetrating trajectory.

Further enhancing stability, weight is removed from the rear center of the sole. This dual-step cavity in the XCG7 allows the extra weighting in the rear heel and toe to provide maximum forgiveness. A larger cavity is featured in the XCG7 Beta to move weight forward for a higher CG.

The XCG7 fairway woods appearance is distinctive and easy to differentiate the two clubheads. The XCG7 Beta's chromatic medallion includes 'Beta' on the plate, and "Beta" appears in white on the hosel.

Every fairway wood includes Tour Edge's lifetime warranty and 30-day play guarantee. It is available in the most popular shafts on the market; Fujikura Fuel and Tour and the Matrix Ozik White, Red and Black Tie shafts. Suggested retail: XCG7 $249.99; Beta $299.99. For more information,  visit


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Batavia, IL - Tour Edge branched out with the Exotics brand in 2004, to use more expensive technology in products that were outside of the Bazooka price points. The past nine years has seen Exotics evolve into one of the best fairway wood innovators in the market. The limited edition CB PRO is the club Exotics was created for.

The new CB PRO combines the retro, smaller head size of the famous tour-winning CB2 fairway wood with an innovative sole function - Slip Stream™ - to create the ultimate fairway wood for accomplished players.

The patent-pending Slip Stream™ sole glides through the turf in remarkable fashion. The sole's design dramatically minimizes turf contact, allowing the head to maintain maximum speed through impact. The unique Slip Stream™ sole is designed so that minimal turf contact occurs regardless of the attack angle and position of the head at impact.

The CB PRO features Tour Edge's premium beta titanium cup face with a hyper-steel body to produce maximum distance in a fairway wood. As a result, the CT reaches the USGA-allowed maximum of 250. The no-weld design combo-brazes the beta-titanium cupped face with the heavier hyper steel body. The result, every single gram of excess weight is eliminated from the face and shifted to the sole for a lower center of gravity position in the compact head. The CB PRO also features the same trampoline face design found in the CB2 that combines multiple levels of face thickness.

The unsurpassed technology found in the CB PRO is being combined with the hottest shafts available; Fujikura Speeder 757 and 661. Fujikura 661 is a 65-gram shaft that's geared towards better players with above average speeds. The Fujikura Speeder 757 features a new upgraded version of the original Speeder 757 - one that now has two layers of Triax Core Technology (used mainly in aerospace structures, Triax is a three-axis system of fibers that are woven in three directions rather than just two to stabilize the shaft) and additional Nano Alloy resin (high modulus carbon fiber).

David Glod, president and founder, "When we decided to create the Exotics line, this is the type of club I had envisioned. It's very exciting to be introducing a product of this caliber to the market; there isn't anything else like it. Is it expensive? Yes, probably the most expensive fairway wood available to the public. But, it's just that good combined with the Speeder shafts and it's also packaged with a high-end, leather headcover from Stitch Golf."

Tour Edge's Exotics fairway woods come with Tour Edge's lifetime warranty and 30-day play guarantee. Suggested retail is $499.99, projected to be available in stores November, 2013. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (800) 515-3343 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting or visit

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Batavia, IL - The Exoitcs Xrail fairway wood from Tour Edge Golf expands on the company's superiority in fairway wood design to make hitting great fairway wood shots effortless.

The easygoing performance of the Exotics Xrail can be credited to its wide diamond rail, v-shaped sole that guides the clubface into a square position at impact. Placing 15% more weight in the heel and toe areas than its predecessor, the Xrail produces a higher moment of inertia for enhanced stability on off-center hits. Further enhancing the club's forgiveness, the v-shaped sole design minimizes divots from heavy lies and lowers the Xrail's center of gravity so it's easy to get shots up in the air and on their way to the target.
Just like other Exotics fairway woods, the Xrail features multi-metal construction combining a hyper-steel body with a thinner Carpenter steel face. To generate longer hitting shots, the Xrail features variable face thickness and utilizes CAD frequency analysis to make the club more efficient. This computer-aided design technique perfectly determines the club head's inner architecture and wall thickness to enhance performance for greater forgiveness, longer shots, and better feel.
Turn your fairway wood shots into works of art with one of the easiest-to-hit fairway woods ever, the X-rail by Exotics. The Xrail fairway wood feature Tour Edge's lifetime warranty and 30-day play guarantee. They are available in Graphite Design G-Series 60 graphite shafts for $179.
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Monday, February 28, 2011



Batavia, IL - A unique fusion of power, accuracy and style, the XCG-4 irons embody what Exotics performance is all about and according to Tour Edge, this game-improvement iron is their easiest and longest-hitting iron to date.

While designing the XCG-4 irons Tour Edge engineers were asked to create an iron that would deliver stunning performance and set Exotics apart from the competition. The result is an iron that boasts Tour Edge's thinnest face. Measuring less than 2.2mm, the face has different levels of thickness to promote distance and enhanced feel. That combined with dual tungsten weights behind the face produces the highest rebound rate and moment of inertia (MOI - the ability to resist twisting) in any Exotics iron.

A deep, undercut cavity moves weight to the outer edges of the club head for enhanced forgiveness and a higher MOI. The deep undercut cavity, wide sole design, perimeter weighting the tungsten sole weights help to lower the center of gravity, optimize the trajectory and enhance MOI. The result is exceptional distance and forgiveness and a six iron with a MOI of 2,750, unprecedented for any iron.

Creating playability across the entire set, each is engineered to its specific task including c.g. location, progressive offset, face thickness, and top line thickness for a perfect blend of distance and accuracy. In addition, more offset provides game-enhancing forgiveness. Many golfers tend to have an outside-in swing path prior to contact, and the hands are slow to release. This leaves the clubface in an open position and the golf ball starts left and finishes right. The XCG-4's offset hosel allows the club face an extra fraction of time to close thereby allowing the golfer to hit a straight shot.

Power and refinement - that's what you expect from a great set of irons and with the new XCG-4 irons Exotics delivers breathtaking performance.

The Exotics XCG-4 irons are guaranteed longer than your current irons and start at $579 for a 3-PW set.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

JMAX Gold Iron-Wood Is Golden From Any Distance.
Batavia, IL - Picture having the "Midas Touch" with every iron in your bag. Imagine being able to hit your 3-iron as easily as your 7-iron. With the Bazooka JMAX Gold Iron-Wood you can. Improving on the wildly popular JMAX series, the new and improved JMAX Gold features a heavier sole, smaller top line, thinner walls, and has a more progressive shape that gets thinner as it approaches the wedges. Available individually or as a complete iron set, the club's forgiving, oversized, hollow, hyper-steel head makes it an ideal iron replacement.

The JMAX Gold has a two-piece construction that features a cast hypersteel body and a forged crown that maximizes weight distribution to easily get the ball into the air. The heavy 125-gram sole creates one of the lowest centers of gravity (CG) available in an iron. The result, even off-center hits fly longer and more accurate for lower scores.

For a super hot face, the JMAX is manufactured using crown pull casting. This technology creates a stronger more dense body so the walls and face can be made thinner to place more mass in the sole and get more spring off the face. The face is further thinned using variable face thickness that is structurally supported with three internal reinforcement bars.

The JMAX Gold features a thinner, more eye-appealing top line than previous versions and a heavier sole that makes it the easiest-to-hit JMAX yet. The top line inspires confidence and is designed to mix and match with any Bazooka iron. Plus, the low kick-point graphite shafts help to hit higher more forgiving shots.

The JMAX Gold sells for $59.99/club and comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee. For a limited time, golfers can purchase a JMAX Gold #6 trial club for $39.99 (That's a $20 savings) by visiting There truly has never been a better time to invest in gold. For more information, call Tour Edge Golf at (800) 515-3343 or visit

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