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Friday, June 6, 2014



Salt Lake City, UT (June 5, 2014) - OGIO, a global leader in golf bag, apparel and accessories design, announces the availability of its highly- anticipated footwear. Available in four unique models, the Race, City Spiked, City Turf and Sport shoes each have different design elements to cater to every golfers needs.

The new shoe collection is influenced by OGIO's legacy in adrenaline sports and men's lifestyle fashion. Each shoe features top-quality leather and OGIO's 'Synkfit' insole, an internal stabilizing system that reduces the movement of your foot inside the shoe, amplifying the transfer of energy into the golf ball. OGIO's golf shoes deliver a revolutionary "out of the box" golf experience, while enduring the strongest conditions in all types of climates.

The Race shoe combines an optimal blend of a fast look, custom fit comfort and performance through OGIO's heritage in adrenaline sports. OGIO has gone further than the competition, using first-class technology and exotic supple leather to build a perfectly balanced frame where weight, support and traction are maximized to sharpen stability. The Race contains OGIO's 'Synkfit' insole, delivering the ultimate fit and comfort customized by the user.

The City Turf Shoe is designed with the on-the-move golfer in mind. The shoe mixes a dress shoe, casual shoe and golf shoe to fit an urban lifestyle. Impeccable traction straight from the office to the sidewalk to the golf course is attained with OGIO's proprietary Permaspyke, guaranteeing no protruding spikes. The trendy appearance boasts stylish lines and stiches that are sure to impress on and off the course. City Turf is crafted with full grain, waterproof leathers and displays OGIO's Synkfit insole system.

The City Spiked shoe offers a fashionable look similar to the City Turf, but adds spikes into OGIO's Ground Control traction outside. This extra feature promises golfers maximum traction and stability during the most powerful conditions. A square toe box design brings today's favored off-course style to an elegant golf shoe while maintaining a natural foot stance. The City Spiked bears the Synkfit insole for stability and a built in lateral torsion stabilizer.

The Sport shoe embodies OGIO's Endurance line with an aggressive look and four color choices, green, red, black and white. This model is perfect for users craving a blend of lightweight materials, unmatched breathable comfort and a modern look. With half leather and half breathable mesh, it gives natural airflow in and out of the shoe with each step while keeping the golfer steady during a swing. The Sport integrates OGIO's XWRAP upper design with its built in Lateral Torsion Control system and Synkfit Insole to certify stability in an extremely light shoe.

"We are thrilled to announce our much-anticipated line of footwear is now hitting store shelves." said Tom Gocke, Global VP of OGIO Golf. "This new category for OGIO will enhance a golfers experience in, yet, another part the game. We've already had our shoes worn in several PGA Tour events this season and have several more players already committed to wearing shoes on tour later this year. We had one player say he would wear them in one round of a professional event, for fear of new shoe blisters, and he was so impressed with them, he wore them the next 3 days as well."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011



SALT LAKE CITY (October 26, 2011) - OGIO, the designer of innovative and uniquely styled golf bags and accessories, today announced its new apparel line, set to debut in limited distribution at specialty golf retail locations nationwide in Spring 2012. The innovative collection, which combines high-end fashion with performance fabrics for the first time, highlights the brand's affinity for cutting edge style on and off the golf course.

"OGIO has built a reputation for combining breakthrough innovation with cutting edge style," said Dan Jelinek, global vice president, strategic development, OGIO. "As we embarked on the brand's progression into distinctively unique golf apparel, we set out to redefine the category by creating a lifestyle collection that could be worn with confidence on the course, on the town or in the board room."

OGIO's first ever golf apparel collection for men consists of more than 30 unique designs. Polos are available in 14 distinctive styles enhanced with performance and mechanical stretch fabric, UV protection, moisture and bacterial control and intelligently designed anti-roll collars. In addition the collection includes pants and shorts offering OGIO-exclusive prints and features such as articulated seams for better range of motion and gel gripper waistbands. The fashionable golf collection is rounded out with a variety of outerwear options that feature distinctive styling with performance attributes such as mechanical stretch fabric, wind and water resistance and unparalleled comfort.

"Inspired by OGIO's unique design, coupled with tremendous amounts of research on leading global fashion brands and performance trends, we are proud to introduce an intelligently designed, exclusive collection infused with performance, comfort and game changing style," said Tony Palma, CEO, OGIO.

In tandem with OGIO's already comprehensive golf and travel bag arsenal, golfers will now be able to utilize OGIO as the definitive source for all their golfing needs.

OGIO golf apparel will be available at specialty golf stores and resorts in February 2012.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011



SALT LAKE CITY (Oct. 11, 2011) - OGIO, the designer of innovative and uniquely styled golf bags, apparel and accessories, today announced the introduction of the Chamber, the newest addition to its award-winning arsenal of golf bags. The Chamber is the first-of-its-kind to feature the Silencer™ Club Protection System. This distinctive and state-of-the-art system developed by OGIO features 14 individual compartments that incorporate a protective membrane to center and gently hold the club's shaft.

"The Chamber is a true combination of everything our brand stands for: groundbreaking technology, intelligent design, comfort and style," said Tony Palma, CEO, OGIO. "By offering golfers a revolutionary feature such as the Silencer, we ensure that players can keep their attention on the course and off of the distractions that clamoring clubs can make, while also protecting equipment from scratches and dents."

Featuring a compression-fit mechanism bottom, which incorporates flex grab teeth for added stability, the Chamber cart bag properly secures each club grip to keep it from swinging around in the bag and hitting other clubs. Working in tandem with the custom-designed, high-grade polymer membranes at the top of the bag, the Chamber offers unparalleled protection for shafts and heads by eliminating constant clanking when riding in a cart or carrying the bag on the course.

The Chamber's features include:
• The Silencer™ Club Protection System provides incredible protection for club shafts and heads combined with silencing technology that greatly minimizes the unpleasant sound of clanking clubs
• ZBP™ (Zipperless Ball Pocket) allows for convenient, one-handed access to the pocket's contents
• Features a weather-resistant, fleece-lined valuables pocket, insulated cooler pocket, umbrella containment system and a snap on, zippered rain cover

"We're excited to be the first golf bag manufacturer to create the groundbreaking Silencer™ Club Protection System, and look forward to continuing to develop new innovations that add to the ease and enjoyment found in the game of golf," said Palma.

The Chamber will be available in charcoal/burst and black tech finishes at specialty golf retailers beginning January 2012.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

OGIO Introduces Trend-Bashing Bag Styles, Colors for Golf's Emerging Audience
BLUFFDALE, Utah (December 1, 2009) - Tattoos and tans. Baggy surfer shorts and pin-thin slacks. Crew cuts and mop tops. A stroll through the mall is no longer the only place to spot such varied fashion; today, a quick visit to the local muni can offer the same visual schizophrenia.

With the modern golfer demographic representing a wider range of ages, incomes, and lifestyles, the demand for beyond-basic-black golf bags has exploded. And who better than OGIO to deliver the goods?

This season, OGIO is unveiling a surprising yet confident array of colors and styles for golfers of all walks of life. "It's no longer the country-club-Polo-wearing crowd that's dominating the field," explains Tom Gocke, the company's global vp of golf. "Today, it wouldn't be shocking to find a foursome comprised of a C.F.O., a work-at-home Mom, a grad student and a tattoo artist. They may have diverse styles, but they all share a passion for the game. Our new line is designed to cater to their unique personalities while still delivering consistently solid performance on the course."

Some of OGIO's ground-breaking 2010 styles include:

- Apple: This bright natural green pops against gray and black backgrounds.

- Blackwatch Plaid: The game's most iconic pattern takes on a contemporary flair in OGIO's capable hands, with a blue-on-green plaid interrupted with solid color blocking.

- Cord: Wide whale stripes in cappuccino corduroy evoke the retro-chic style of the 70's.

- Hoth: Various shades of steely gray are teamed with a dusky blue in creating an urban camouflage look.

- Koi: Tonal black-on-black still delivers loads of style with this fluid and feminine pattern that blends subtle florals with soft perforated patterns.

- Ladapus: A modern spin on argyle teams gray and royal blue in a bold geometric.

- Onslaught: Channel surf at high speeds, and grab random images from each station. Then stitch these screen shots together in a semi-cohesive pattern. The result: a visual onslaught for the modern golfer.

- Plaidapus: OGIO hits its best angles with a combination of turquoise, mossy green, and black in an attention-grabbing geometric design that could hold its own in the Museum of Modern Art.

- Prizmata: If Transformers took time off to golf, this would be their on-course weapon of choice: an angular gray pattern shocked with red color blocking that looks like it could transform itself at any moment.

- Sherlock Plaid: It doesn't come with a pipe or fog machine, but this mossy green and orange combination looks every bit the part of its namesake nonetheless.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reporting From Ahead Of The Curve
OGIO Introduces 2007 Stand Bag Lineup
It is possible to play to golf's tradition while paying homage to current trends. So says OGIO, the respected golf bag manufacturer known for pouring the latest gear technology and colorful style into its designs. This year, the Utah-based company is meeting the demand for streetwear fashion in golf with the introduction of new prints and patterns on its best-selling bags.

From edgy plaids and argyles to fashionable pinstripes, OGIO's 2007 stand bag lineup is filled with trend-setting designs that blow past standard golf fare. The company also has poured its top-of-the-line technology into the bags, maximizing performance while keeping the bags as light and maneuverable as ever before.

Throughout the year, the company will release numbered, limited-edition styles of some of its most popular bags, with a Grom in a Khaki-and-Indigo plaid kicking off the program. In Spring 2007, OGIO will release a Brown Pinstripe version of the Grom , with more styles to follow. In addition, OGIO's 2007 release includes:

VISION SS: The OGIO Vision SS - named last year's "Editor's Choice" by Golf Illustrated's Baggy Awards - is designed to accommodate the revolutionary Shling carrying system. No less than six patented/patent pending innovations are poured into this bag that delivers clubs via the Woode Club Management System (which towers woods to one side of the bag; irons to the other) and full-length, three-way dividers. The Vision SS (MSRP: $269.00) is available in bold combinations including Silver/Black and Fire/Black.

FLIGHT SS: OGIO's Flight SS is a sleek, lighter- weight counterpart to the Vision SS, also designed to accommodate the Shling System. The nine-pocket bag features a walking-accessible water bottle holster, and a small-profile version of the Woode organizing top and is available in Chiaro blue accented with white and silver; Fire surrounded by white and silver highlights; and eye-catching Juice - a deep orange offset by white and black.

EDGE: OGIO's first hybrid bag combines the best of a stand bag and a cart bag in one. In addition to offering supreme functionality with a Zipperless Ball Pocket, anti-twist TORQ strap, and nine storage pockets, the Edge receives high marks for style with its race-car- inspired lines and an intense palette. The Edge (MSRP: $219.00) is available in sleek Indigo with silver; Black/Juice; Black/Fire; and Petrol/Silver color duos.

GROM: The company's top- selling bag of 2005 and 2006 is back again and re-engineered with a new, sleeker silhouette. Any on-course fashion now has a performance accessory to match thanks to OGIO's masculine color blocked designs in Indigo/Khaki; Olive/Khaki; Fire/Silver; Black/Silver; or the "it" design for 2007 in Tweed Khaki. The Grom's (MSRP: $179.00) popularity goes far beyond looks, courtesy of a Zipperless Ball Pocket, a TORQ stabilizing cart strap, walking-accessible bottle holster, and many other patented features.

OZONE: OGIO's Ozone bag is out of this world with its new street-inspired designs. The bag's Chiaro design is accented with big, argyle prints in contrasting colors, while even the more traditional colors including Black, Fire, and Olive "pop" with surprising translucent panels to give "light bag" new meaning. Fashion aside, the Ozone is walking- friendly at a light 4.2 lbs., but offers supersize performance with its walking-accessible water-bottle holster, ergonomically designed Crossbow Lite shoulder strap system, and seven pockets.

VAPORLITE: The 3.8 lb. Vaporlite performs on all fronts with a WoodeLite top; full-length, three- way dividers; and a Crossbow Lite mesh shoulder strap system. Even at this weight, the bag packs in a walking-accessible water bottle holster and five pockets. The Vaporlite (M.S.R.P. $129.00) is available in Garnet/ Fire, White/Green, Flame/Khaki, Chiaro/Carolina and Black/Petrol.

STICKS: Not much compares to this small bag with loads of personality and performance to match. OGIO's Sticks bag steps in at just 3.4 lbs. - about the weight of the human brain - and organizes like a genius with a 7-inch Woode top, three-ball neoprene Ball Silo for easy ball access, and three zippered pockets.

DIVA: Don't let this bag's girlish appearance fool you. Like any Diva, OGIO's new women's bag knows how to perform with the assistance of a 9" Woode organizing top, full-length three-way dividers, and eight protective pockets. The Diva (MSRP: $149.00) is available in Pink and Grape, with accents in complementary argyle and polka dot patterns.

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