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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The only thing I use more than my towel during a round of golf is my golf ball.  Even then, I probably use multiple golf balls and only one towel.  The Rule Golf - Twenty-one Towel could be the last towel you buy.
Normally I just use my towel to wipe dirt off my club or ball and then dry the grips or dry my hand. This towel is different. It has an elegant design , and comes in several color to match your golfing wardrobe.
It is ideal for the anyone that likes performance and great looks.

Furthermore ruletwentyone, is the first portable waterproof towel in the market. . With its lightweight design and patent pending innovation,  ruletwentyone's interior Bamboo Terry stays wet while its soft-feel Waterproof Shell keeps pants dry. So no matter where you go you’ll always have a wet towel for clean shots and clear putts.

The towel has two sides. The first one is used to wipe your clubs clean of any dirt, mud, grass, or anything else you might want to wipe off your club.  Keeping it on the inside allows the outer portion to stay clean for your hands glove a face, and best of all keeps your pants dry due to the waterproof exterior..  A very nice feature to keep you and your clubs clean. 


The Rule Golf - Twenty-one Towel lives up to expectations.  The Waterproof layer makes this towel unique and useful while out on the golf course.  I have also found it useful to have a separate section to wipe my hands and the club.  It certainly kept my hands more clean and I was not hesitant about wiping my face.   

The price is reasonable, and the color offerings are fun, and so far, it's passed my durability tests but I can update you after more use.  I would like to see the option to embroider at some point, I like when you can personalize things. 

If you spend the $12.00 on this towel for you or as a gift, you will not be disappointed.

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