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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tiger Shark Golf launched its much anticipated PowerPod II Driver at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show and is now shipping the one-of-a-kind driver to select national accounts including: Edwin Watts Golf, Lumpy's Golf, Golf Mart, Golfsmith, GolfTown, Golfers' Warehouse, PGA Tour Superstores, Puetz Golf Superstores, Roger Dunn Golf Shops, and Van's Golf Shops. 

"We've sold out of our first two shipments," said Tiger Shark Golf President Dean Dingman.
Tiger Shark Power Pod
The Jim Flood designed driver is two years in the making and has proven to add distance through lower spin rates and increased roll with a penetrating ball flight. This same formula has also shown to reduce the severity of a slice. Flood, who has developed over 50 golf-related products in the past 35 years, is credited with inventing the graphite shaft as we know it today and founded industry giants Aldila Inc. ™ and Odyssey Golf™. His resume also includes the inventions of the original slice-proof PowerPod Driver, the outside-the-box and wildly effective Basakwerd putter, and the original White Hot™ face insert.
"The PowerPod II is by far my greatest creation yet," said Flood, who is also designing a putter series for Tiger Shark. "I am very proud that my inventions have helped shape the game of golf and I am happy to have found a golf company like Tiger Shark that is willing to push the limits of design in order to get the best possible performance out of a golf club. That's what I am all about."
The PowerPod II Driver features a patent-pending shape that promises to be the premier super game improvement driver in the industry. By methodically bringing together a 3-piece forged body construction, a cast face and hosel and reduced toe weighting, everything about Flood's design works in concert together to provide consistent results for every level of golfer. The PowerShelf in the back of the clubhead raises the Center of Gravity, producing low spin rates and straighter ball flights that produces extra carry distance and roll.
"The reason we are testing better than some of the leading drivers in our industry is because of the PowerPod's patent-pending design," explained Flood. "Reduced toe weighting means that 99% of the weight of the driver is directly behind the golf ball. That's exactly where you want the weight if you're going to want to produce more power. If you were going to build a hammer from scratch, where would you want all the weight to be?"
The reduced toe weighting also promotes straighter drives, and allows for the face of the golf club to be the deepest in golf. This creates an expanded sweet spot that puts the entire height of the face into play. The Maximum-Extension Hosel design shuts the clubhead down faster in the swing compared to drivers that fan open during the swing, further reducing the propensity to slice.
"We are now shipping one of the most unique and high performing driver designs ever produced," said Dingman. "The PowerPod II is different, but it is different for a myriad of performance benefits. It's different by design."
Earlier in the year, after the USGA approved the design, the PowerPod II driver was put to test against the some of the top selling drivers in golf. The results of this independent robotic swing testing showed that the PowerPod II had a longer average distance, a higher smash factor and lower spin rates over the leading competition. Independent lab testing of 10.5 degree heads and Regular flex stock shafts at 95 MPH swing speed showed that the PowerPod II totaled 251 yards, beating the competition by up to 7 yards. The PowerPod also bested the two well-known drivers in terms of spin rates, with the PowerPod averaging 2806.7 RPM, up to 14% lower than the competition.
• PowerShelf Technology - The PowerShelf precisely locates the CG for optimal ball flight and spin rates, and creates increased carry and distance.
• Anti-Dispersion Design - Patent pending shape and Maximum-Extension Hosel technology makes this Jim Flood creation fight the slice for straighter shots.
• Deep Face Technology- The reduced perimeter weighting also allows for the face to be the deepest in golf, producing a larger and higher sweet spot.
• Reduced Toe Weighting- The mass of the driver is concentrated directly behind the PowerPod II HOT SPOT, generating more transferred energy with less effort.

• Lower Spin Rates - Independent player tests have shown that the PowerPod II to have an average spin rate of 2,461 RPM. Other leading drivers tested well above 3,000 RPM.
• Increased Smash Factor- Independent player tests showed the PowerPod II to have an average smash factor of 1.488, giving the PowerPod II an extra 15-20 yards off the tee for every swing speed. Many of the testers experienced a 1.5 smash factor with the PowerPod II, a number considered to be "perfect".
The PowerPod II carries an MSRP of $299 and is available in a 10.5 degree loft. The club comes standard with a UST V2 shaft that features a speed rated shaft system designed to fit every swing speed within the designations of L(60-70 MPH), A(70-80 MPH), R(80-90 MPH), S(90-105MPH) and X(105 + MPH.)
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010



PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Tiger Shark Golf will launch its much anticipated PowerPod II Driver at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 27-29, in Orlando, Fla.

The Jim Flood PowerPod II driver is two years in the making and is designed to be the world's first ever slice proof driver. Flood, who has developed over 50 golf-related products in the past 35 years that have revolutionized the game of golf, is credited with inventing the graphite shaft and founded industry giants Aldila Inc. and Odyssey Golf.

"We're ready to introduce to the world one of the most unique and high performance driver designs ever produced," said Dean Dingman, President of Tiger Shark Golf. "The PGA Show has always been the best place to launch important innovations to the golf industry and we can't wait to have as many people as possible hit the PowerPod II to see what all the buzz is about."

During the Outdoor Demo Day, scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 26, at Orange County National Golf Center & Lodge in Orlando, Tiger Shark Golf will showcase the PowerPod II on the range and their PGA tour popular grips at the short game practice areas.

From Thursday, Jan. 27 through Saturday, Jan. 29, at the Orange County Convention Center, Tiger Shark Golf will exhibit and provide testing opportunities of the PowerPod II Driver on the Show floor and during Indoor Demo Days

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tiger Shark Golf announces the latest additions to their ever expanding product line. In all, Tiger Shark is launching 22 new products into their line this year. Eleven products are new models and eleven have been reconfigured with major design enhancements, new cosmetics and feature Tiger Shark's new logo. Tiger Shark has already launched three new revolutionary grips this year under the SuperStroke sub-brand, the SuperStroke Fatso and Slim putter grips and a new SuperStroke wood and iron grip called the Pressure Zone.

The entire 2010 line can be seen at the all new Tiger Shark will feature new and/or improved products and models in their 2010 line up every day for the rest of the week on The Wire. Today, Tiger Shark will concentrate on their latest releases in package sets and hybrids.

Tiger Shark Introduces New Great White and Juli Inkster Sets, New Great White Hybrid Takes on Tour Preferred Design

Major design modifications were made to all new Juli Inkster and Great White premium package sets. Along with all new cosmetics, the sets utilize new design techniques and manufacturing methods to provide arguably the finest package sets in the business.

Both sets come with a new 2010 Ogio specialty design bag and retail for $499 and come with the perfect makeup and loft configuration from club to club. These package sets provide tour quality golf clubs with the matching specs needed for proper distance control, ball flight and control with every club in your bag.

A new square sitting PGA Tour inspired hybrid called the Great White has been designed by the Tiger Shark R&D team with the average player in mind. The GW hybrid is designed to get air born out of any lie and provide more distance and accuracy than long irons. The all new Great White hybrid is available in 5 lofts (2 Iron - 16º, 3 Iron - 19º, 4 Iron - 22º, 5 Iron - 25º, 6 Iron - 28º.) Three hybrids are also included in the Great White package set that comes complete with a new high performance 460 cc Great White Driver and 3 metal wood, plus perimeter weighted soft cast irons (6-PW) with high performance steel shafts.

The Great White hybrid will be available individually, and the Great White set will come in both right and left handed models. The Juli Inkster set will be available in petite and standard and will also be in stores this spring.

"We took our complete sets to the next level with the new designs," said Tiger Shark Golf President Dean Dingman. "So many more people are buying their golf clubs in a complete set these days in order to match all of their clubs to one swing. People started realizing that they had different off-sets and face angles built into their swing and they want to simplify things."

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Monday, February 22, 2010

SuperStroke Grips, a division of Tiger Shark Golf, unveils their most innovative, highest-performing series of jumbo putting grips, the SuperStroke Slip-On Series. Two models, the Fatso Lite (1.67 inches in diameter, 85 grams), and the Slim (1.3 inches in diameter, 115 grams), are now available in golf retail shops across the globe.

Their extreme light weight, patented non-taper design and multi-material construction has made them the #1 most played oversized putter grips on the 2009 PGA Tour. So far, the SuperStroke Fatso Lite helped staff player, Matt Bettencourt, rank T10th in Putts per Round on the 2010 PGA Tour with a 28 per round average. SuperStroke has also helped a player more known for his distance, the #1 ranking player in driving distance for 2009, finish in the Top 10 in Putts Per GIR at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am using the smaller SuperStroke Slim putter grip.

"When we acquired SuperStroke at the beginning of 2009, our vision was to take a great product and make it even better," said Tiger Shark President Dean Dingman. "We have been able to accomplish that with the SuperStroke Slip-On Series. We saved over 200 grams over the previous SuperStroke Pro line by utilizing a new slip-on technology and a new lightweight under listing and material. It helped us set a new standard for weight in a jumbo putter grip and really bring the new vision for SuperStroke to life."

Weighing in at 85 grams, the SuperStroke Fatso Lite is the biggest and lightest of its kind in terms of weight to size ratio. SuperStroke has been at the forefront of the jumbo grip phenomenon, a market that grew over 25% last year. Over 50 PGA Tour pros put SuperStroke technology into play over the last three seasons. It's a technology that works: Jumbo grips reduce wrist breaks and enhances a pendulum stroke, and they are also proven to reduce grip pressure and keep the putter head square. Extensive testing has shown that the SuperStroke requires up to 32% less grip tension and represents a significant improvement over conventional putter grips. Other benefits include natural balance and set up, less putter head rotation, accurate smooth putting stroke, improved ball roll and greater distance control.

The SuperStroke non-taper design patent allows for finger tip placement on opposing sides of the shaft. This feature keeps the putter face square on contact and dramatically improves feel for distance control. The flat side options offers a variety of different hand positions for golfers looking to utilize a left hand low, right hand low or claw type of grip.

"Most golf instructors stress the importance of keeping grip tension to a minimum while putting," said Dingman. "Keeping the wrists from hinging is paramount to improving on the greens and the SuperStroke design has proven to be the most effective for promoting a smooth, fluid, and tension free motion."
• #1 On Tour - The SuperStroke Fatso Lite was the #1 most played jumbo putter grip model on the 2009 PGA Tour. Over 55 PGA Tour professionals have put a SuperStroke jumbo grip into play on the PGA Tour to stop their wrists from breaking down over the past three seasons.

• New Slip-On Design = The new SuperStroke models saved over half the weight over the previous SuperStroke models by slip on utilizing Slip-On Technology with a new lightweight material, helping to set a new standard for weight in a jumbo putter grip.

• Multi-Material Construction - SuperStroke's Proprietary Polyurethane is fused with a patented foam underlisiting, making for a long lasting, extremely shock absorbent and comfortable setup. A dimpled, non-slip surface combines extreme tackiness and feel keeps hands from slipping even in the wettest conditions.

SuperStroke Fatso Lite - Retails for: $24.99

Weighing in at 85 grams, the Tiger Shark Super Stroke Lite Fatso Putter Grip is the biggest and lightest of its kind in terms of weight to size ratio. With this design, the grip is 300% larger than a standard sized putter grip, creating one of the only jumbo grips that will not drastically change the swing-weight of a putter.

USGA Approved Dimensions: 10.5 inches long, 1.67 Inches in Diameter, Core Size - .580 Weight - 85 grams Available Colors: Red/Black, Blue/Black and White/Black.

SuperStroke Slim - Retails for: $19.99

Mid-Size version in the 2010 SuperStroke Slip-On Series the Slim offers a slightly heavier option (115 grams) that is 18% smaller than the SuperStroke Fatso. The Slim's additional weight provides more feel in the hands through the putting stroke.

USGA Approved Dimensions: 10.5 inches long, 1.3 Inches in Diameter, Core Size - .580 Weight - 115 grams Available Colors: Red/Black, Blue/Black and White/Black.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tiger Shark Golf Introduces New Super Jumbo Lite Putter Grip
The latest putter grip from Tiger Shark Golf, the #1 Jumbo Putter Grips on Tour, is the lightest of any oversized putter grip on the market. At an amazing overall weight of 67 grams, the Super Jumbo Lite weighs the same as a standard sized grip at 250% the size.

The Tiger Shark R&D team said the Super Jumbo Lite was designed to be a jumbo putter grip that does not drastically affect a putter's swing weight or overall feel.

"This is one of the few light weight jumbo putter grip that will not change the feel or swing weight of a putter," said Tiger Shark President Dean Dingman. "This gives golfers the benefit of a more stable stroke while maintaining the same swing weight and overall weight of the putter."

Most jumbo grips weigh up to 270 grams, which raises the putter's swing weight significantly. With this design, the grip is able to be significantly larger than a standard sized putter grip without changing the weight, creating the largest putter grip to not drastically change the swing-weight of a putter. Tiger Shark expects this revolutionary concept to help PGA Tour players and consumers alike.

"The Super Jumbo Lite was very well received at the Buick Open, it's first week being introduced to the players," said Dingman. "With a lot of tour players looking for a bigger grip that isn't too heavy, we have created the perfect lightweight oversized grip. It eliminates your wrists from breaking down and keeps your putter head square without adding any weight to your putter."

The Tiger Shark Super Jumbo Lite putter grip is available in Black, Blue and Red and is now available for purchase at golf retail shops across the nation.
More About the Super Jumbo Lite

The lightest jumbo grip o the market - Up to 4 times lighter than the leading competitors

USGA Approved Dimensions: Weight: 67 gm. (+/- 3 gm.), 10.75 inches long, and 1.59 inches in diameter or 40.39 mm.

Material: Proprietary Ultra-Tac Polymer that is firmer and more durable than traditional grips.

30% larger than best selling Tiger Shark UltraTac grips

Reduces grip pressure

Eliminates wrist breakdown

Keeps the putter head square

Promotes a pendulum stroke

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