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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Satin-finished wedge provides high, soft-landing shots with ease
SANFORD, Fla. - Rory, Tiger, Phil, Dustin, Vijay, all made tough lies and bunker shots look easy at the BMW Championship with the help of their high-lofted wedges.

The 64 degree wedge, which has become Mickelson's signature short game shot, was thought to be too extreme when Feel Golf CEO and PGA Professional Lee Miller first introduced it in the early '90s. But today the 64 degree wedge has become as indispensible as hybrid clubs to many players.

Now Miller and Feel Golf Co., Inc., (OTCQB FEEL), are adding a USGA conforming satin-finished 73 degree wedge to their tool chest of signature wedges. The 73 degree wedge allows players to hit a very high, soft-landing shot with ease from 50 yards in. Just like the 64 degree wedge, Feel Golf's 73 degree wedge allows the golfer to take their full swing, which is a golfer's most repeatable swing, and simply aim it right at the pin.

"The 73 degree wedge has taken wedges to a whole new level," said Miller, who has a PhD in engineering. "This club can be controlled from three feet to 50 yards simply by ball placement. One of the hardest shots in golf is a shot out of the rough or bunker while being short sided near a tight pin. The patented design of Feel wedges allows the club to glide through the rough just like the bow on a speedboat parts the water for less resistance. Most recreational players lack the touch and confidence to commit to the needed shot, so they decelerate and the result is less then they anticipated. With the 73 degree wedge, that doesn't happen. Just take a full swing with good rhythm, and the 73 degree wedge glides through with the ball landing very softly from a tight lie or the bunker."

The 73 degree helps eliminate most of the short game guesswork of open stances, open faces and half swings. It allows you to go right at the pin and stick it and makes bunker play a snap.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

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Most lob wedges have lofts of around 60 degrees. Some PGA Tour player carry "X" wedges with higher lofts, many of those around 64 degrees.

Now Feel Golf - best-known for its wedges - says its 73-degree wedge is the next big thing in wedges. Company founder and CEO Lee Miller says "The 73" eliminates half-swings sometimes necessary with wedges of shorter lofts.

"... We discovered golfers of all abilities, from Tour players to 25 handicappers, have a need for a club that is so versatile that you can hit it 3 feet, or 50 yards and most of all, it needs to be easy to use," Miller said. "

'The 73' degree while it seems like a lot of loft - just as the 60 and 64 degree did when first introduced years ago - it is very easy to use. The distance is completely controllable, more so than any other loft we've found to date. Distance and the type of shot ( 3 foot or 50 yards) is completed simply by means of ball placement...back if you want some distance out of it ... and forward if you really want to get up and down."

The 73 wedge from Feel will be officially introduced at the PGA Fall Show.

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