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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hands up if you knew Pinnacle is going on 30 years old? But its not getting older, it’s getting better. Once upon a time and it wasn’t that long ago, it was locked in a steel cage match with Top-Flite in the value category of golf balls. The two often tangled on the ranges around the country as one or the other greeted players preparing for the first tee. Pinnacle’s reputation came from its distance, however the ball category has become a little blurry in recent years.

When ProV1 came into existence it signaled a shift change in manufacturing within the category. Pinnacle’s solid core technology has become the staple within the golf ball segment as wound balls went the way of the dinosaur, typewriters, landlines and newspapers in some places. Manufacturer’s lead by Pinnacle and Titleist’s parent company, Acushnet, blended the best of both worlds into one. Solid core technology for distance with the spin and feel characteristics players thought they could only find in a balata ball. That may seem like ancient history today as a third of Pinnacle’s lifespan has been overpopulated at the other end of the scale where the premium priced Tour performance balls resides. 


new pinnacle


Value is a relative thing, especially in this day and age, but Pinnacle has remained true to its heritage. While casual to avid consumers in the last decade have experienced the performance enhancements found in Tour caliber balls, Pinnacle has also picked up its game. Pinnacle is streamlining its previous four-model family into one performance target. While gold prices have been soaring given the malaise of the American economy, the new Pinnacle Gold delivers its customary powerful distance and soft feel without breaking the bank. The new Pinnacle product line is offered in four options: Pinnacle Gold in Bright White and High Optix Yellow; and Pinnacle Gold Ribbon in Bright White and Clear Pearlescent Pink.

“The technology behind the new Pinnacle Gold delivers the best combination of powerful distance and soft feel,” said Michael Mahoney, Director of Golf Ball Product Management, Acushnet Company. “Golfers looking for a simple choice do not have to trade-off distance for feel, as the new Gold golf ball is our best performing Pinnacle ever. The only choice a golfer needs to make is which color to play.”

The Pinnacle brand has aligned itself with two special causes. The Folds of Honor Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships and other assistance to the dependents of families of fallen and disabled service members. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer through awareness and funding research towards a cure. In addition to making significant financial contributions, Pinnacle features the Folds of Honor logo for the first time on the Pinnacle Gold packaging and the Komen for the Cure icon on the Pinnacle Gold Ribbon packaging. The Komen pink ribbon logo is also stamped on the Gold Ribbon golf ball.

The new Pinnacle Gold and Pinnacle Gold Ribbon golf balls begin shipping October 1 with an MSRP of $20 per 15-ball pack ($15.99 MAP).

The Pinnacle Gold product will also be available in a 24-ball pack configuration with an MSRP of $30 ($24.99 MAP).

“Value is what you get for your money, not what you pay,” said Mahoney. “Golfers can trust that every Pinnacle golf ball provides exceptional quality and value. We design and manufacture Pinnacle golf balls in our own world-class manufacturing facilities. Not only does Pinnacle offer pristine cosmetic quality, golfers can be assured of consistent performance from sleeve to sleeve and ball to ball.”


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