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Thursday, March 12, 2009

adidas Golf Introduces POWERBAND 2.0
New Shoe Promotes More Power and Encourages a Smoother and More Efficient Transfer of Energy Throughout the Golfswing.
CARLSBAD, Calif. (March 11, 2009) - adidas Golf, the choice of hundreds of professional golfers around the world, has introduced the POWERBAND 2.0, the latest addition to the POWERBAND family. Completely re-engineered, the shoe's outsole design features three distinct zones for maximum energy transfer during the load phase, impact and finish.

Like the original POWERBAND, POWERBAND 2.0 was designed to mine untapped power in the lower body by providing a more solid platform and deliver that power back into the ball at impact. An all-new POWERBAND CHASSIS featuring power geometry adds stability during the load phase, promoting a quick and powerful move through impact and a full-finish swing. The outsole's lateral side incorporates a sharper edge to prevent power leaks, while the medial side utilizes a rounded edge to allow for complete follow-through.

"Stability in a golf shoe must be optimized," said Dave Ortley, Global Senior Director of Footwear for adidas Golf. "Too much, and a golfer can get locked-in at address, feeling stuck and unable to swing freely. Too little, and balance and support are sacrificed hampering both power and ball-striking consistency. Our focus with POWERBAND 2.0 was engineering outsole shapes that would allow for a smooth and powerful transfer of weight and energy at every stage of the golfswing, freeing the player to swing-away with greater confidence, improved freedom, and unsurpassed power."

Also new to POWERBAND 2.0 is the advantage of THiNTech, a low-profile outsole that positions the foot closer to the ground. This creates a remarkably solid, responsive and stable shoe that makes hitting a golf ball a more tactile experience. It also lowers the athlete's center of gravity to promote increased stability, and channels feedback from the ground more efficiently to promote improved footwork, resulting in ultimately more solid ball-striking.

Other technologies in the POWERBAND 2.0 include GRIPZONE - a footbed surface that locks the bottom of the foot securely in place, FitFOAM™ insole - engineered to evenly distribute weight and pressure for a personalized fit, DYNAMIC TRAXION® AC cleats - for enhanced grip and leverage, and adiTUFF™ - an abrasion-resistant material designed to protect the toe from wear.

POWERBAND 2.0 is offered in both Men's and Women's, each in their own colorways: (Men's) Running White / Dark Silver Metallic / Azure, Black / Black / Metallic Silver, Running White / Black / Metallic Gold, Running White / Running White / Black and (Women's) Running White / Neece / Metallic Silver, Running White / Running White / Dark Silver Metallic. POWERBAND 2.0 includes a two-year waterproof warranty and carries a manufacturer's
Suggested retail price of $140. T
The shoe will be available at retailers February 1, 2009.


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