Monday, April 18, 2016

But Titleist is dipping its toe into this pool as its R&D team has been pushing management to give it some addition room to work with on the club side of the business. In turn management is throwing the ball back in R&D’s court by saying let’s see what you can do. The result is Titleist Concept Clubs have been unveiled. In speaking with Titleist officials, the company’s engineers have expressed a strong belief that it can do more with club performance and yet stay well within the equipment rules governing the game. In large part equipment is often engineered with the best players in the world in mind. Yet only a relative few are fortunate enough to be considered in this category and frankly, they never pay for their equipment. But they validate the product and process to those that ultimately fund the golf economy.


The new Titleist Concept Clubs initiative provides an avenue to showcase highly innovative technologies, ultra-premium materials, advanced construction methods and cosmetic treatments that result from this rigorous, ongoing R&D process, the company said. Concept Clubs can also provide golfers a glimpse into the future, as Concept product technology may (or may not) transition into next generation in-line Titleist products. By their nature, Concept Clubs are super premium and released in extremely limited quantity (in the U.S. only). So while it isn’t necessarily intended to be a growth platform in terms of revenue possibilities, it could quite easily become a testing/proving ground for something that may be in a future Titleist product. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if this topic enjoys a considerable amount of buzz. For example, the Titleist Concept C16 Driver is carrying a minimum advertised price of $999. Factor in the taxman and its well over a grand. Titleist said it will only produce 1,500 drivers.

The equipment business and especially the retail sector have been challenged with respect to price expansion throughout the years. The limited quantities will undoubtedly go fast, in part since the volume isn’t that significant relative to the overall market. Golf still possesses some early adopters, the kind that have to be the first to have something and Titleist also enjoys a strong following of “serious” players. In the instance of Titleist Concept Clubs, fitting is a necessity, but not mandatory. The company isn’t looking to create a new category in the equipment space, according to Titleist officials. In fact, its R&D department is said to be extremely optimistic that it can increase the distance recreational players hit the ball. Titleist also has 1,000 sets of C16 irons that it will be selling. The minimum advertised price is $2,699 (set of 8, steel), $2,999 (set of 8, graphite), which will immediately eliminate many from considering it. According to VP of Golf Club Marketing, Josh Talge, the C16 irons can play one club longer than Titleist’s AP1s with the same loft. The C16 line will never see the light of day at retail. But it will generate word of mouth by those who elect to give them a try. “Titleist is about performance,” said VP of Golf Club Marketing, Josh Talge. “Titleist is also about innovation.”


Thursday, March 31, 2016


Carlsbad, Calif. (March 29, 2016) - Cobra Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and technology, today introduced the KING Utility Iron, the brand's first adjustable hollow body utility iron that offers multiple loft settings in a single club. The KING Utility is available in a 3-iron, featuring a large sole with a hollow head, and is packed with COBRA Golf's game-changing metalwood technologies including MyFly8 that allows golfers to seamlessly adjust the loft to best fit their games.

The KING Utility Iron provides the feel and performance of an iron, combined with the forgiveness and slightly higher flight of a hybrid. The club's 17-4 hollow body design and a new 455ss L-Cup Face, combined with its 67 gram tungsten weight strategically positioned low and back in the head, deliver optimal Center of Gravity (CG) and high MOI. The new L-Cup face design produces increased speed and higher launch, the key performance benefits golfers look for in a utility iron.

The true game-changer in the KING Utility 3-iron is the use of MyFly8 Technology in an iron. A first for COBRA and a first for golf, this proprietary technology affords golfers an ability to fine-tune their designed launch conditions from a 3 iron at 21o down to a 2 iron at 18o.

"This club is perfect for the golfer whose last iron stops at 4 and needs a 3i, or the golfer whose longest iron stops at 3i and needs 2i distance somewhere throughout the round. The KING Utility iron allows a player to perfectly gap his long iron game and offers three draw settings to fine tune trajectory," said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D, COBRA Golf. "We designed this Utility iron with Rickie Fowler in mind - he currently uses this iron at courses he deems a match for this style of play."

The KING Utility iron (MAP: $199 steel; $219 graphite), available in RH only, will be available May 1, 2016. It comes equipped with a Steel KBS C-Taper Lite shaft in X-stiff or Stiff flexes ($199); or a Graphite Aldila Rogue Black 85g in X-stiff, Stiff or Regular flexes ($219). Loft range: 18o, 18.5o, 18.5 o draw, 19.5o, 19.5o draw, 21.5 o, 21.5 o draw and 22 o.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Carlsbad, Calif. (March 29, 2016) - COBRA Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and technology, today introduced the new KING F6 Baffler 4/5 Fairway. Building on key technology from COBRA's iconic Baffler products, first introduced in some of the brands original clubs more than 40 years ago, the KING F6 Baffler utilizes the iconic rail system blended with today's F6 adjustable weighting technology to provide players with their choice of a penetrating or towering trajectory and maximum forgiveness.

The KING F6 Baffler features rails that provide the golfer with improved turf interaction and the ability to exit divots more smoothly. The front of the rails improve turf forgiveness from any lie, while the back of the rails help to glide out of the turf more smoothly. The F6 Baffler Fairway comes equipped with two Center of Gravity (CG) positions and 15-gram and 3-gram moveable weights that can be exchanged to deliver penetrating or towering trajectory, depending upon player preference and what the day's course conditions require. MyFly8 delivers eight loft positions (loft range: 16 O, 16.5o, 16.5 O draw, 17.5 O, 17.5 O draw, 18.5 O, 18.5 O draw and 19O) to fine-tune players' long game.

"The KING F6 Baffler will help golfers glide smoothly out of the turf, helping get the ball up in the air from anywhere on the golf course," said Jose Miraflor, Senior Director of Product Marketing & Creation, COBRA Golf. "This is a key club that Rickie Fowler has in the bag on Tour, changing back and forth between this KING fairway and his KING Utility Iron. The front of the rails help provide forgiveness when sliding through the turf and preventing excess digging, while the trailing edge of the rails help smooth out any imperfections of his shot."
On the F6 Baffler, COBRA engineers continue to use a two-piece metalwood construction where the forged 455ss face is welded on to a 17-4 hollow body. Utilizing a higher strength steel forged face allows engineers to make the club thinner and lighter for increased speed and forgiveness. The club is also slightly shorter in length, 41.75 inches, (standard 5wd is approximately 42.5inches) which allows golfers to be a little steeper and more aggressive when needing to get the ball in the air.

Available May 1, 2016 in RH only in Black, the KING F6 Baffler 4/5 wood (MAP $239) comes equipped with a COBRA REL 360 Grip and Matrix Red Tie Q4 shaft in X-stiff, stiff, regular and lite flexes.

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COBRA PUMA GOLF is a corporate division of PUMA SE and combines two strong brands that provide a full range of offerings to the golf industry. COBRA PUMA GOLF is an inclusive company for golfers of all abilities, attitudes and styles who enjoy the game. The portfolio includes COBRA Golf's high performance drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons, as well as PUMA Golf's SportLifestyle including footwear, apparel and accessories to help golfers Look Better. Feel Better. Play Better. Fusing performance and style, COBRA PUMA GOLF brings a focus on innovation, technology, compelling design and superior performance with an edge to the global golf marketplace. COBRA PUMA GOLF is a part of PUMA SE, one of the world's leading lifestyle companies that designs and develops footwear, apparel and accessories. For more information, visit and

Wednesday, March 16, 2016



FootJoy say VersaLuxe can be worn on the course, in the clubhouse and even in the pub or restaurant
FootJoy VersaLuxe
FootJoy VersaLuxe
Market-leaders FootJoy have introduced a new versatile and luxurious spikeless golf shoe.
VersaLuxe - with no prizes for guessing where the name comes from - is a shoe that FootJoy say will able able to be worn seamlessly on and off the golf course.
I wouldn’t say this is the first FootJoy shoe that can easily been worn off the course as the DryJoy and Contour Casuals regularly find their way on to my feet for a day in the office.
But with VersaLuxe we’ve got an added level of class, style and smartness which comes from the premium calfskin leather.
Another bonus is the fact VersaLuxe are waterproof, with a 12 month guarantee, making them a shoe for all seasons.
FootJoy also say that the VersaLuxe shoe is designed to offer outstanding comfort. 
A genuine cork covered, ultra-comfortable fit-bed offers an improved fit, while premium leather linings and a suede inner-heel no-slip pocket provide comfort and feel. 
“VersaLuxe has been designed as a premium golf shoe that can be worn just as effectively on and off the course,” said Richard Fryer, sales and marketing director. 
“It’s got the luxury soft feel of premium leather, but importantly it’s waterproof, making it a high performance product, and is available in 23 different size and width options.
“As we’ve seen with other models like DryJoys Casual, spikeless shoes have proven to be a significant growth area in recent years, however we’ve made a point of not sacrificing performance in these models,” added Fryer. 
“We see VersaLuxe as the perfect model for those who want to wear the same shoe on the course, in the clubhouse and even in the pub or restaurant at night time.”

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

 A FIRST FOR CALLAWAY GOLF: Back in early January, Callaway Golf introduced its XR16 drivers. There was also an XR Pro model that came along at the


same time. The XR16 arrived at retail on January 29th at an MSRP of $349.99. Fast forward a couple of months to today and Callaway has announced the XR 16 Sub Zero driver. According to the company, it represents the lowest Center of Gravity it’s ever engineered in a driver. This means players with high swing speeds that generate a lot of spin can use the Sub Zero to drive the ball even farther, according to the company. Callaway said it has used a new proprietary Carbon Triax Crown, its lowest carbon crown ever to redistribute weight below the neutral axis, which in turn explains the name of the product.

Two interchangeable weights were added in the head (10g and 2g) to fine tune the launch and spin characteristics a player desires for greater distance. With the heavy weight moved forward, it generates the lowest spinning, flattest trajectory, Callaway said. Or move the heavy weight back to promote a slightly higher trajectory and more forgiveness. Callaway is also offering 20 premium shafts to choose from without any additional charges. Therefore anyone considering this product would be well advised to take the time to be custom fitted in order to get the most of it, especially in conjunction with the shaft options available.

“The XR 16 Sub Zero was designed to be an excellent complement to our existing XR 16 models,” said Callaway Golf’s Senior R&D Manager for Woods, Evan Gibbs. “It’s really meant for players looking for maximum reduction in spin. This is typically for better players, with higher head speeds who tend to deliver the club a little more consistently at impact. The name Sub Zero comes from the fact the center of gravity is actually below the neutral axis. This is something Callaway has never done before. The key technology that enabled us to do this is a brand new composite material we are using on the crown of this driver. We’ve used carbon fiber crowns for many, many years but this particular construction is very unique. It used a fabric of laminate instead of chopped fibers like we’ve used in the past but combines it with current molding techniques. It gives us superior material properties and allows to design a thinner and much lighter crown.”

Most notably Phil Mickelson has used the XR 16 Sub Zero on Tour this year. However, it will only be available at retail for right-handed players with 9.5* of loft. The expected  retail price is $449.99.

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